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                    African America Civil War

            Deep country fires beneath

Congress pass bill build of holiday Martin Luther King Jr to America's calendar...Gospel gait formed Me.

Bernice King a bridal to New Birth Missionary Church Former Eddie Long as Bishop. Her bridal dreams again...in the feast, supper hymns communion cup.

Is America ready for a prime minister for president: are we ready for a woman president? Women!!! the bridal hymns are engage to fight, preservation of heritage of one nation armed with coats cults of folklore. How then will folklore songs reformation, restore or cultivate gentile history or ancestor. Can "I have a dream" laity the foundation priciples and belief of america whole culture: it visions blacks, one race culture and church. No vision comes through for revelation Bernice King her gospel...experience for the world and country passing through one race folklore culture.

    Gentile bridal dreamless...femoral pulse     

             breast devil folds posture gaits

             waters in weight of mass voids 

             stomach depth absolute bloats 

                perennial fire gall secrets 

                        sense cent cent

  Confessions out stone speak out verb...ally.

                       Glimpse of Deaths

Gospel of New Birth Missionary Church...roads last pulse.The mind and language disconnect threatening life, shadow prolong pane of stone and fire.


                       Garden of Medicine

        Caduceus in the Knowledge of Medicine

Folk medicine will age exist and explain history? Superstition myth culturalism paradoxical? Traditions...does it mirror entire world: paradox culture of folk medicine? Does it impede medicine system reformation? Records history foundation...age remain?

                        I Have A Dream!!!

He shall rise with the healers of medicine chaplain, clergy, sojourn, surgeon, physician, doctor, RN, LPN, CNA...roads zoning comprise of experience creation in Art yourself called truth.


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