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                         Trees of it's Kind

                   Cast Patient Family Circle

The proofs of god questions...

Behind the scenes



The world according to...

Where are you going?

Long roads

and answers for patient family circle....

How do we balance spiritual strength? How can you connect spiritual roads: reformation medicine health history roads again?

Human energy field will it take form being, knowing, identity, time, space Remembering.


                           Ethic Insight    

 Engaging in the Flow of Monastic Evolution

Dualism....volume balance between heights

Manism...reality composed

Orthodoxy...gaitway holding correct thoughts

Pantheism...all is god all in him is yes the soul creating mind connecting world, earth, spirituality.

How conscious are those moments? Are you remembering everything spiritually: are you going in the future? Evolution...do you have spiritual history: it's purpose insight following birth vision conscious in full vision of evolution?

Healthcare medicine milestones entering the work public in the structure of ethics philosophy and poetry.

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