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To Church of Jehovah Jirah...Bridal

           Lamp gaits reformation heirs...airs

           cast resights another's testament

     mass sufficating waters barge siege road

              Doors...it's heart fortress beauty

                   breaking into my dreams.

To Evangelist Church,

You anoint my head with oil...how will you connect nursing home - PCH patient family circle? Will our history come in days Thursday's?

Is this a toast of communion friendship stone...fire. Roads will it remain?

To Baptist Church,

The roads stronghold prism of Potter House, Zimbubwe Bismark in Numbers gait zoning New Birth Missionary Church.

                       Hear!!! King James

                 Gospel...I met Bishop Long

                          in the heirs...air 

                       Zachariah...cast gait

                            spiritual pane 

                   the feast communion cup

                         faced backwards.

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