Food for Thought...Devotion

1 min read
02 Jan

Devotion...Is your heart connecting, increasing use of time and energy: Are you renewing the pulse...   it's purpose? Addressing the questions...irrefutable answers to them. 

                                                              Wit or Wisdom

Dark humor of the soul...morbid: Is it a sense of humor? Does communication shy...shun refusing...resist. Does Time and space the soul?

Feast of trumpet...vintage red wine gaits the garden it road vein vain rich food. Stones mercury remember.

Roads...time and space pulled together of cultural observance different roads. Moral culture reasons decadent (declines) roads of unexamined life.

How do I grow then like one of those flowers...Canibus? Is marijuana medicine? Law legalized roads vein facets justice pattern and rule cultivate.

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